Kuvertira dooel Skopje - Own productions of sweets is a company founded on 18.06.2001.

Our main goal is to satisfy our customers' needs for taste. Therefore, Kuvertira is always grateful of your opinions, suggestions and criticisms about our work, without which today we might not be successful in our own business.

Quality has always been the motto of our business. Therefore the entire employee staff relates with great dedication and professionalism.

Our production takes place at its own plant and as a proof of the quality work we implemented the HACCP standard in May 2009.

Your order you can always get to the desired destination, with sanitary right vehicle, where the products are transferred to the ideal standard temperature. +4 ° C to -18 ° C.

Kuvertira will always fight and stand against unprofessionalism in the production and preparation of food products, from any food branch, because they value the health of our consumers.

Kuvertira is  thankful to all valued customers who have tried our products and services, as well as a call for all of the following clients and customers who opt for their choice to do with us.